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ACCO Forum–Part 1: Bruce Cholst on Boards

NY State Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal presents a Co-op / Condo Forum produced by ACCO–the Alliance of Condo & Co-op Owners, on the upper west side of Manhattan in Spring 2011. Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal here introduces the Forum, followed by Bruce Cholst of Rosen, Livingston & Cholst who speaks on Boards & the basics of association governance.

Habitat Magazine: Rosen Livingston & Cholst

Should a board adopt a policy of not reporting threats of a frivolous lawsuit to its insurance carrier in order to prevent future increases in insurance premium coverage?


Bulk Sales Agreements
William Clarke, president of a 111-unit condo in Brooklyn, asks if the condo association can review the bulk sales contract made between the original sponsor and two successor sponsors so they can determine what is owed them – in this week’s podcast. Twice a month, we invite a New York co-op or condo board director to ask a legal question, and we host a panel of attorneys who address it. This episode, the panel includes Bruce A. Cholst, Rosen Livingston & Cholst.

Shareholder Ennui
The economic life in most co-op buildings ticks along in a pretty ho-hum manner. That is, until the board of directors wants to do something out of the ordinary. Such is the case in Tom Bettridge’s Brooklyn co-op, where the board wants to morph its current administrative fee into a real flip tax. But can it muster enough votes to do so? Listen as Bruce Cholst, a partner in Rosen Livingston and Cholst, and other attorneys offer advice on ways to overcome shareholder apathy and how to come to terms with that fundamental democratic issue of whose ox is being gored.

Roommate Review
The rules and laws governing roommates and sublets in co-op apartment buildings are an apparently limitless reservoir of confusion, complaints and consternation for boards. If the point of cooperative living is for the community to choose its members carefully, why are there so many loopholes in the approval process when it comes to sublets and roommates? In this episode, Manhattan board member Regina Warren brings our attorney panel a particularly knotty question: her board has the power to approve sublets, but if a subletter brings in a roommate, are they allowed to approve the roommate? To answer that, Habitat Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Carol J. Ott enlists attorneys Bruce Cholst of Rosen Livingston & Cholst and David Byrne of Herrick Feinstein to dig deep into the intricacies of New York’s “Roommate Law.”