Speaking Engagements

Our partners will be leading the following presentations at the 34th Annual CNYC Housing Conference, on Sunday, November 16, 2014:

Enforcing the Rules

Boards’ power to impose rules on their community residents is the quintessential feature of cooperative and condominium living. Unfortunately, the exercise of that power often results in acrimony and costly litigation. Attorney Bruce Cholst will discuss strategies for enforcing the rules while minimizing tension and the prospect of litigation. If litigation is unavoidable, he will also explore boards’ powers and legal remedies in compelling compliance with their regulations. Bring along your house rules and horror stories to help make this an informative and interactive discussion. Application has been made for CLE credit for this class.

All About House Rules

Every cooperative and condominiums starts its existence with a set of boiler plate house rules. Over time these can be updated, amended, (or simply ignored!) as new policies are instituted. Attorney Peter Livingston will discuss the role of House Rules in a cooperative or condominium, their relationship to other corporate documents, how to change House Rules and ways to make sure that everyone knows what the House Rules are. Examples of what belongs or does not belong in the House Rules will also be discussed.


Many cooperatives periodically review their sublet, admissions and ‘guest’ policies to ensure a consistently balanced approach to the changing needs of the building and its shareholders. Attorney Morton H. Rosen will examine procedures for reviewing sublet candidates. He will also discuss sublet fees and other restrictions and conditions that boards might consider imposing. Board policies with respect to occupancy by ‘guests’ and ‘roommates’ will also be discussed.

Apartment Renovations & Combinations

With cooperative and condominium ownership often comes the impulse to make one’s home one’s castle. New shareholders and unit owners often plan extensive renovations before moving in to their units; others decide that their apartments need a facelift, or they buy an adjacent unit and combine the two. This does bring dust, noise and disruption to the building, which the board must keep under control. Corporate counsel provides guidance. Attorneys Bruce Cholst and Alfred Taffae will share their expertise about renovation rules, time frames, fees, inspections, and compliance with city and federal requirements in a class designed to help the board mitigate the stress of renovations.


Effectively Resolve Your Co-op/Condo Disputes – The Mediation Solution – November 18, 2014

Partner Bruce Cholst will be on the panel of presenters for the program entitled Effectively Resolve Your Co-op/Condo Disputes – The Mediation Solution being held on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM at the Law Offices of Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP, 1350 Broadway (36th Street), 12th Floor, New York, NY. The program, sponsored by CNYC and the NYC Bar Association – Co-op/Condo Residential Dispute Resolution Program, will cover a variety of topics concerning mediation and its role in resolving co-op and condo disputes. There is no charge for the program. Please register by November 10, 2014 by emailing tkdinfo@tarterkrinsky.com.